What’s different about April Griffin?

She truly believes in making a difference.

Currently the Chair of the Hillsborough County School Board, Griffin has already helped students, employees, and taxpayers countywide. Griffin is one of seven elected board members responsible for making policy decisions and overseeing a total budget of $2.7 billion for the 8th largest school district in the nation. The school district is also the county’s largest employer with 25,000 employees.

April is known for getting the job done. Since her election in 2006 and subsequent re-election in 2010 the school board has had to cut over $200 million dollars from their budget. However, in spite of the deep cuts and the financial crisis that has affected our entire nation, the Hillsborough County School Board, unlike other school districts; has not laid off one employee, had one furlough day, closed one program, or closed one school.

As the largest employer in the county, April understands the school district’s role in Hillsborough Counties’ economy and was a leader in fighting for employees jobs.

Now, Griffin aims to expand her ability to help others through a new role with the Hillsborough County Commission.

She believes the county must work to create jobs, cultivate economic development, and sees to the diverse needs of the community regarding transportation.

April and her husband of 23 years are both born and raised in Hillsborough County. They have raised their children in Hillsborough County and hope their sons want to stay in Hillsborough County and raise their grandchildren here.

Help April on her mission to help others. Support April Griffin for County Commissioner, District 7 countywide.