Strong and Independent Leadership

April Griffin for School Board District 6

April offers a voice on the School Board that is desperately needed. April is a voice for the voiceless.

She fights for our children’s success. She values our hardworking employees. She works to protect the taxpayers’ investment. She holds the administration accountable to the voters and citizens of Hillsborough County by fighting for changes that bring greater transparency and efficiency.

April believes in providing every child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, whether the student’s goal is college, going directly into the workforce or the military. This is why April has been steadfast in her advocacy for career and technical education.

April needs your vote because she wants to continue to ask questions that others will not and fight for what is important to you.

April needs your vote and your support so she can continue serving our community. April believes it is not about right and left, but right and wrong. Help April continue to fight for what is right.

Here is what some people have said about April’s service while in office:

…none matches Griffin’s energy, determination, or attention to detail.The Tampa Tribune - July 23, 2010

…Griffin has rightly pushed the administration to remember those students who are more focused on obtaining the necessary job skills to enter the modern work force..The Tampa Bay Times - July 29, 2010

…independent, fresh and unafraid.La Gaceta Newapaper

…an advocate for change as opposed to continuing with more of the same.The Florida Sentinel Bulletin